Entrée Platters

All platters are fully garnished, buffet ready and designed to be enjoyed at room temperature. 

Satay Selection

Your choice of protein, marinated and grilled, and served with a full-flavored dipping sauce.

  • chicken satay with Thai peanut sauce $65
  • beef satay with ginger sesame sauce $70
  • Salmon satay with citrus ginger sauce $75
  • tofu & vegetable satay with spicy hoisin sauce $60

(40 mini skewers per platter)

Mosaic Chicken

Boneless chicken breasts stuffed and rolled with spinach, sun-dried tomatoes and Manchego cheese, and then breaded, sautéed and sliced to reveal a colorful, edible mosaic.

$10 per person (10 person minimum)

Stuffed Portobellos

An elegant vegetarian entrée, each portobello mushroom is stuffed with a Parmesan-enriched vegetable mélange, sprinkled with even more cheese and then baked until golden.

$8 per person (10 person minimum)

Balsamic Chicken

Boneless chicken breasts stuffed with tomato chicken sausage and balsamic onions, brushed with balsamic glaze, roasted and sliced — ready to devour.

$10 per person (10 person minimum)

Poached Salmon

A Market Hall favorite. A poached side of sustainably farmed salmon, presented with yogurt-cucumber sauce.

$120 per platter (serves 10 as entrée, 25 as appetizers)

Smoked Ham

Slices of delectable smoked ham come with apple and sour cherry chutney, grain mustard and four dozen mini cheddar-chive biscuits.

$120 per platter (serves 10 as entrée, 25 as appetizers)

Grilled Tri-Tip

Thinly sliced beef served with tangy horseradish cream, olive relish and four dozen challah rolls to build delightful sandwiches.

$150 per platter (serves 10 as entrée, 25 as appetizers)

Please note: Catering orders must be confirmed at least 48 hours in advance. While we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, dependent upon the volume of orders, we may not be able to fulfill every request.

Call (510) 250-6001 or click here to send us a message.

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