Market Hall Parking Lot Still Open During Road Construction!

Due to road construction starting Oct.15, Shafter Ave is blocked off at Forest St. We suggest driving through the BART parking lot to access the Market Hall parking lot.



Highwire Coffee Roasters

About Highwire

From left: Rich, Robert & EricFrom left: Rich, Robert & EricWe are three friends who have a shared love of high quality teas and coffee. Combined, we bring over 55 years of coffee and tea experience. We are excited to be running Highwire to be able to share our experience and passion with our customers and community.

Eric Hashimoto is an expert coffee cupper, roaster, and green coffee evaluator. He brings over 15 years experience to Highwire. His roast philosophy is to maximize the potential within each bean by developing its body while preserving origin character and liveliness. Eric enjoys a press pot of Guatemala coffee almost every day- black, of course.

Robert Myers has 21 years experience in retail operations, coffee and tea evaluation and Quality Control. His vision for Highwire's success is to spread our enthusiasm, be sincere, and have a commitment to quality and continuous improvement. Robert does not leave the house without a cup of drip coffee then converts to cappuccino or espresso for the rest of the day.

Rich Avella has 21 years experience tasting coffees and teas. His background is primarily as an educator where he helped countless people find their voice in describing what they love in coffees and teas. As a World Barista Championship certified judge, Rich has gained access to the best espressos and baristas in the world, and will apply these learnings to Highwire. A longtime tea enthusiast, Rich curates and manages Highwire's signature tea selection.

In 2011 we started Highwire Coffee Roasters with the relatively straightforward goal of buying, roasting and blending coffees that we love and to share these coffees and quality teas with our communities, employees and neighbors.

Rockridge Market Hall
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Rockridge Market Hall
5655 College Avenue, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94618
phone: 510-250-6000


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