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Past Event

Andrea Nguyen Book Signing: "Ever-Green Vietnamese"

Market Hall Foods is pleased to host a signing of "Ever-Green Vietnamese" with James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Andrea Nguyen. In celebration of the event, our kitchen will offer a Weekend Menu (June 1-4) featuring recipes from the book: Char Siu Roasted Cauliflower (Bông Cải Trắng Nướng Vị Xá Xíu), Creamy Turmeric Eggplant with Shiso (Cà Tím Om), Cucumber, Kale & Spiced Cashew Salad (Gỏi Dưa Leo Chay), Weeknight Vegetable Stir Fry (Rau Xào Thập Cẩm) and Spice-Citrus Marble Cake (Bành Marble Cake) .
When: Saturday, Jun. 3, 2023, 12pm-2pm
Where: Rockridge Market Hall Oakland

About the book

In Ever-Green Vietnamese, Andrea Nguyen celebrates the starring role that herbs and produce play in Vietnamese cooking. The book contains more than 125 mostly vegetarian recipes for flavorful mains, sides, snacks, condiments and sauces.

About the author

Andrea Nguyen is a James Beard Award winning cookbook author and cooking teacher based in Northern California. Ever-Green Vietnamese is her seventh cookbook.