Prepared Specialties

Whether you're swinging by for lunch or looking for an easy starter or main for your dinner party, we're here to help.  Every day we prepare our housemade specialties using simple preparations and the freshest ingredients.

From our Kitchen

Chili Garlic Prawns - Shrimp, garlic, chili and parsley (by special request only)

Crab Cakes - Rock crab blended with spices, celery and cilantro. Serve as an open-faced sandwich and garnish with either Remoulade or Tartar Sauce.

Tuna Salad - Tuna, mayo, Worcestershire sauce, sesame oil, celery, onion, parsley and mustard

Poached Prawns - Great with our fresh, housemade cocktail sauce or as a simple addition to a green salad.

Wakame - Seaweed salad (not housemade)


We carry 4-5 sauces and marinades at any given time. All made in-house.
$4.99 per half pint.

Soy Ginger Marinade - Versatile marinade for a wide range of fish: black cod, swordfish, opah, ono, halibut, fluke, ahi tuna, albacore tuna and hamachi (yellowtail). Marinate fish for 20 minutes, then remove and cook as desired.

Tartar Sauce - Use on any fish fried or grilled. (Some of our staff love it on French Fries too!)

Remoulade - Perfect for our housemade crab and fish cakes. Also great for making Shrimp or Crab Louie.

Classic Cocktail Sauce - Mix with bay shrimp to use on a salad.

From our Freezer


Housemade Fish Stock - A light, full-flavored stock for use in soups, sauces or as a perfect poaching liquid.


We keep a rotating selection of these soups in our freezer. Stock up for an easy, hearty dinner option always on hand. (Also available hot - see daily soup schedule.)

Smoked Trout & Sweet Corn Chowder

Old World Fish Stew -  a traditional Italian stew, with a tomato base, hearty chunks of whitefish and seasoned with Italian herbs and spices

New England Clam Chowder- cream base, with potatoes and bacon

Curried Crab & Scallop Chowder Bestseller

Gumbo Bestseller - Our version of this Creole classic is made with seafood only (no chicken nor sausage) and seasonal vegetables (okra when available), thickened with roux and seasoned with gumbo file

Manhattan Clam Chowder  - tomato base, with potatoes


Blini - for caviar

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