highwire_ericAt Highwire we embrace the role of the roaster and the roast as essential parts of creating a satisfying cup of coffee. We like coffee that is full, has guts, sweetness and lively acidity/origin character in harmonious balance. Where a particular coffee calls for it, we show restraint with the roast to preserve delicate flavors or aromas. The key for us is balance. If this is what you are looking for, we've got a coffee for you. All of our coffees are roasted in small batches on our vintage Probat on Mondays and Thursdays.

Signature Blends

We know that sometimes you just want a reliably consistant cup of coffee. A cup that satisfies your need for sweet, smooth full flavored coffee without too many wild notes or surprises. That's where blends come in. We take coffees from our Single Origins collection and combine them to create signature flavor profiles that are balanced, consistent, full-flavored and gutsy. The components of these blends change as we bring in new lots of coffee, but the core flavor profile of the blend remains unchanged. We offer both a hefty and delicate style of roast as a finished blend option. Either way you prefer, we roast these blends in small batches (20-30 pounds at a time) every Monday and Thursday.

Highwire Espresso: The Core
This is the core of our coffee lineup. When brewed as an espresso you will encounter a thick creamy chocolate caramel with crisp fresh coffee cherry sweetness. Most other brewing methods will give you a sugary sweet Ethiopian dominated punch.


Tightrope: delicate act of balance
Tightrope promotes all the balanced aspects one could hope for with a gentle touch. A crisp clean and raw fruity sugar sweetness on a slender body. This is a perfect blend to wake up next to.

Conscientious Objector: fair trade*organic*free to be bold
Blended to offer full flavor / fat body to your cup with little space left for a couple of certified organizations. You will notice a nice earthiness up front with a milk chocolate bar finish. Hearty, smooth and satisfying from cup to cup. Organic Certified by CCOF.

Bauhaus: our darkest one
Though this style has fallen from fashion with some roasters in recent years, this remains a favorite among fans of sweet, mellow full bodied cups that only a skillful bold roast can provide. Bauhaus is taken deep enough to bring you the bittersweet chocolate cookie flavors of a full roast without the smokiness. If you appreciate the creamy flavors of a stout, give this one a try.

After Hours: 100% water-processed decaf
This is a full-flavored brew for folks who want a damn fine cup of coffee and some sleep.

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Photos Courtesy of Sara Remington
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