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"What bread should we eat, what wine should we drink?" When the poet Wallace Stevens asked this question, he was undoubtedly thinking of its philosophical and religious implications. But for the staff at Paul Marcus Wines the answer is easy. We say, "drink red wine, drink white wine, dry wine and sweet wine, but drink wine!" Drink great wine, drink the wine you love. And as for the bread, sure, have some bread. Wine is an integral part of any meal. Wine is food and food is good. Paul Marcus Wines is the friendly, sophisticated neighborhood wine shop in Market Hall.

We carry European and domestic wines, with an emphasis on distinctive French, Italian, German, Austrian, Spanish, and Californian producers. The majority of our wines are $6 to $25 bottles for everyday drinking, but we also carry plenty of top wines from around the world, including Burgundy, Barolo, Tuscany, Rioja, and California. We taste and personally select everything in the store in order to bring you the highest quality, most authentic, and best value wines from these regions. Because we're part of the Market Hall, we emphasize food-friendly wines. We're always happy to share our enthusiasm for wine and food with you and help you select wines that will best match your meal (or vice versa). Whatever your budget and preferences, stop by the store and ask us to recommend some wines.

Rockridge Market Hall
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Rockridge Market Hall
5655 College Avenue, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94618
phone: 510-250-6000


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Mon–Fri:  9am–5pm

Store Hours
Mon–Fri:  9am–8pm
Sat:  9am–7pm
Sun:  9am–7pm

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