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Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop

Enjoy our full service, whole animal butcher shop

We have variety of 100% grass fed, pasture raised, California local, organic and non-GMO meats including beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken, rabbit, duck, eggs, sausage and value added treats like bone broth, rendered fats and jerky.

Marin Sun Farms is committed to creating a more sustainable food system by empowering farmers, conserving our landscapes and restoring the vitality of the foodshed and its inhabitants. We proudly operate the last remaining USDA inspected slaughterhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area, a certified organic and Animal Welfare Approved facility, and provide the highest quality meats available in California. We work every day to better ourselves, our products and our practices.

Our backstory

Over the last one hundred years the majority of food production, processing and distribution became consolidated into a handful of large corporations. So began the fast decline of our country’s small farms and farmers. The process of building resiliency in our local food system starts with diversifying supply back into the hands of many small farms and ensuring their continued operations and growth. Understanding this, in 1999 David Evans founded Marin Sun Farms as an extension of his upbringing on his family’s cattle ranch in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The company has grown to be a gateway to market for many small farms raising livestock under the stringent protocol and values the company was founded on. Join the Flock! Eat well, do good.

Our Community

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The Best Meat


All Marin Sun Farms branded meats and eggs are produced based on processes and values that support our mission. In a fast changing world, we are committed to the never ending work of bettering ourselves, our products and practices.

From the Local California foodshed

A Foodshed is a region where food flows, from the land where it was grown, the routes it travels for processing, and the markets it passes through until it reaches the kitchen and plates of eaters.

Sustainably Raised

We promote land management practices that build healthy soil and foster ecosystem resiliency.

Humanely Raised and Handled

Our livestock are raised and handled using low stress practices and processed under a robust USDA approved humane handling program.

Raised Without Antibiotics or Hormones

Using antibiotics on livestock who don't need them threatens the health of people who do. Our meat and eggs are never raised with antibiotics or hormones.

Producers are Local Family Farms

Family Farms are the lifeblood of healthy and stable rural communities, nurturing our natural resources, fostering ongoing sustainable farming practices, and responsibly embedding human experience into nature.

Whole Animal Butchery

From nose to tail we endeavor to use every part. Nothing goes to waste and all is revered!

Processing Resiliency

We operate our own facility where the greatest care is given to quality, handling and respect at every stage.

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Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop

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Store Hours

9am–7pm daily

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Fax: 510-653-4744