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Past Event

Mommenpop Meyer Lemonpop Party!

We're joining forces with ACRE Kitchen & Bar to celebrate the release of Mommenpop's seasonal aperitif, Meyer Lemonpop!
When: Thursday, Mar. 2, 2023, starting at 3pm
Where: Rockridge Market Hall Oakland

Tasting + Happy Hour!

Napa-based aperitif company Mommenpop is partnering with Market Hall Foods and ACRE Kitchen & Bar to introduce you to their limited-edition spring offering, Meyer Lemonpop! Made with Napa Chardonnay, Sebastopol-grown Meyer lemons, fresh tarragon and vanilla bean, this refreshing, slightly herbal aperitif is made with all organic ingredients, no added sugar, sulfur or preservatives.

Meyer Lemonpop is one of Mommenpop's most popular flavors, and you'll have two opportunities on Thursday, Mar. 2, to try this season's release:

From 3–5pm, stop by Market Hall Foods for a demo with Mommenpop. We're one of the few retailers in the area to offer Meyer Lemonpop, so you'll want to grab a few bottles while you can!

Then, from 5-7pm, head next door to ACRE Kitchen & Bar for The Meyer Lemonpop Happy Hour. ACRE's expert bartenders will be serving up three cocktails made with Meyer Lemonpop: Pop Fizz Hot Shot, White Rabbit and Easy Feeling.

About Mommenpop

Winemaker Samantha Sheehan and her husband, wine label designer Michael McDermott, are the mom and pop behind Mommenpop. The Napa-based aperitif company has a fun origin story. In 2017, during a particularly hot California summer, the couple found themselves drinking spritzes on the daily to cool down. Samantha, who founded POE wines, started mixing her own Chardonnay fortified with a neutral grape brandy and locally grown citrus, creating an adult version of the lemonade she grew up making and selling as a kid.

Word of Samantha's refreshing and delicious aperitifs spread, and what started as a fun drink to share with friends and family became a thriving business for the couple.