B Familiar

Brian (The B) garnered early praise for his first dynamic shop, Studio Artiflora
located in NYC’s Chelsea district. Brian’s lifelong love of all things nature created
a fresh point of view in floral design and quickly became a favorite of fashion hounds
at Gucci, Vogue and Givenchy among others.

Drawn to the natural beauty of Northern California and the home of the largest
flower market in the country, Brian left his studio in capable hands. Over the next seven years,
Brian refined his skills working with a premiere San Francisco floral studio.

Invaluable exposure to diverse clientele, managing large scale corporate events,
exclusive parties and working with the best flowers from around the world honed Brian’s
vision and he now looks forward to providing all his customers with beautiful flowers and
just the right personal touch at The Flower & The B.

At The Flower & The B, attention to detail, a personal touch and creative flair are our goals.
Working directly with our customers and clients, we take a hands-on approach to create
unique and one-of-a-kind floral creations that capture the moment perfectly.

Rockridge Market Hall
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Rockridge Market Hall
5655 College Avenue, Suite 201
Oakland, CA 94618
phone: 510-250-6000


Office Hours
Mon–Fri:  9am–5pm

Store Hours
Mon–Fri:  9am–8pm
Sat:  9am–7pm
Sun:  9am–7pm

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